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Developing Discipline and Routine EKit

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Developing Discipline and Routine EKit

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What is Developing Discipline and Routine EKit?

Developing Discipline and Routine EKit Review

The personal development niche is an estimated 39 billion dollar industry… and the potential for this niche is HUGE. In today’s world most people want the same thing in life. They want to strive to live a happy, healthy, and productive life even if that might look different for everyone.

By teaching your readers how to develop discipline and routine you are doing just that. Help your readers learn to live a life of discipline and routine so they can accomplish their dreams… and here’s a perfect way to help your clients and customers not only dream up their goals, but follow through with them to create happiness and success in all areas of their life.

Here’s your chance to tap into this passionate niche with awesome print on demand products and printables.

We’ve created the report, articles, product templates, journals and planners you need to start growing your audience and selling instant products like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, wall art, organizational products, printables and more. All templates come with complete private label rights (PLR) and are for commercial use. We even show you how!

This means you can edit, brand, monetize and publish this content how you’d like.

This is business-building content that makes it easy to:

Give the report away as an opt-in offer to grow your list, add to your membership site and more.
The articles are perfect for your blog, membership site, social media…or bundle them up into another report.
Create quick printables like journals, planners, etc.
The designs can also be used for other print on demand products like mugs, t-shirts and more.
They’re also perfect for planner covers or dashboards that you can sell or give away in digital or in physical form.
Tons of social media fodder. From posters to the articles, there’s a lot of great stuff to share. Use them as posts, stories and more.
Selling printable or print-on-demand journal and planner. These are fully done and ready go.
Selling or giving away the individual journal pages, so your customers can add them to their own journals.
Create a class on this topic and give them the journals as a tool to work with. You can even use the report to develop your script for the course.
Change the easy-to-edit journal designs to appeal to different audiences. These are totally editable and adaptable.
Have merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more for sale.
Grow your list by giving away this content – the planner pages are perfect for this.
Create high-value and easy gifts to ship to your very best clients.
Use the templates as blog or writing prompts. Just add the image to your post and start writing your thoughts on what the saying means to you and how your clients might benefit from it. And if you’re selling the deck or templates as well, make sure to link to it from all the posts.