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Digital Planner Template Kit

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Digital Planner Template Kit Review

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The trainings and templates for making images alone are priceless and that isn’t even getting to the amazing planner template itselt yet.

You’ll learn a ton and have all the value at your finger tips, plus it’s fun.

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What is Digital Planner Template Kit?

Ready to create beautiful digital planners the easy way, without stressing about how the heck to set it all up? And then sell them on Etsy, Shopify or your Blog?

Did you know that digital planners are exploding now?

People are downloading digital planners by the thousands onto their Ipads to “map” out their week, make plans and try to stay on track no matter what is going on. Having a daily planner or journal does help!

There is something about writing down your thoughts that gets them out of your head.

 Michelle, has an amazing template for you. It will take you light-years ahead of having to struggle to learn this on your own.

 There is no better to start making money online than today.

What it is?

A template-based course that puts you on the fast track to launching your Etsy store with a digital planner that you don’t have to design from scratch.

What’s inside?

A digital planner template for you to customize
Video tutorials for a variety of software platforms teaching you exactly how to customize the template with your own colors, fonts, patterns, clip art, etc.
Canva templates for creating images of your planner for Etsy and Pinterest

 Who it is for?

It’s for people who want to make and sell digital planners without having to do it all from scratch.

 Platforms Taught:

(Also includes the planner template formatted for each type of platform)

iCloud Keynote
Apple Keynote
Affinity Publisher

Here’s How it Works

Step 1

Decorate the digital planner template on your computer using fonts and clip art from sites like Creative Market and following our step by step video tutorials.

You can also insert your own artwork if you’d like. Just note that this course doesn’t teach you how to design your own artwork from scratch.

Step 2

Now you can use it or sell it!

You or your customer will import your planner onto a tablet using an app such as Goodnotes or Noteshelf and use a stylus to write on your planner.

Step 3

Use our drag and drop Canva templates for marketing and selling your planner on Pinterest and Etsy.

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Digital Planner Template Kit Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet – this is something we are working on this year!

No, we don’t teach how to make your own fonts and clip art, but we do show how to navigate one of our favorite design shops – called Creative Market – to choose and purchase the fonts and clip art you want to decorate your planner.

Our favourite apps are Goodnotes (for Apple) and Noteshelf (for Apple and Android).

No, there are no dates. Also, only the tabs are hyperlinked.

We actually don’t teach how to work with the template on a tablet or iPad – you’ll need to edit/design it on a Mac or PC computer for the best user experience.

The finished product will be a hyperlinked PDF that people can use on their tablet with a PDF annotation app such as Goodnotes or Noteshelf.

In the kit we go over using 4 different platforms to customize your template:

Desktop Keynote for Mac *free app for Macs
iCloud Keynote for Mac and PC *free online software
Affinity Publisher for Mac and PC *$50, but usually on sale for $25
InDesign for Mac and PC *ongoing subscription fee

*The software is not included in the kit.

In the case of making the actual digital planner, it’s not possible to do it all in Canva, so we have tutorials and templates for doing it in Apple Keynote, Adobe inDesign, and Affinity Publisher.

We do, however, have templates and tutorials for making your graphics for Pinterest and Etsy in Canva so that you can market and sell your planner after it’s made.

No, the Kit doesn’t include any clip art, but we make recommendations for clip art (including binder rings) that you can purchase separately. There are tutorials that guide you through finding great, affordable clip art for decorating your digital planner.

Digital Planner Template Kit