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Passive Income Planner Girl

Grab Passive Income Planner Girl At The Discount Price To Learn How To Make Money Selling Digital Planners (Now 50% Off)

Passive Income Planner Girl Review

Create Multiple Streams Of Income With Printables, Planners And Digital Planners

Learn how to turn your zone of genius into a digital planner and use your digital planner as a launching pad to a business full of raving fans while honoring your desires, your personality, and your joy in the journey every step of the way.

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What Exactly Is Passive Income Planner Girl?

Passive Income Planner Girl Review

The course has different modules that help you do the following:

Understand your zone of genius
Pick out clipart that showcases your personality
Make your digital planner
Make the Pinterest marketing images to drive customers to your shop
Instructions to open your Etsy shop
All of this instruction is given with a combination of video and text tutorial. The videos focuses on using Apple Keynote for Mac to make the planner and Affinity Publisher for PC (the latter coming soon).(see lowest price).

Milestone 1: The very first milestone is more of brainstorming to find out what you are passionate about. The author terms it as ‘Tapping into your zone of genius’.

Milestone 2: Once you’ve found your passion, the next step is to create a planner. The ‘Genius planner’ you create should really attract your fans to travel with you.

Milestone 3: Now that you are ready with your planner, the next step is to launch your Etsy shop and start selling.

Milestone 4: You have to generate traffic to your Etsy shop in order to sell the planner you have created. You can make use of the social media site Pinterest and start pinning anything you love. In this milestone, the course teaches you how to be successful at marketing on Pinterest and the dos and don’ts while using the platform.

Milestone 5: This milestone will teach you how to collect email IDs from your customers and create a hub of potential customers you can reach out to in the future when needed.

Milestone 6: This explains about creating a mini-course.

Milestone 7: The next step is to build a strong affiliate army. Depending on how active your affiliates are, you will make more and more sales.

Milestone 8: Stay in touch with your community and share regular updates so they will feel connected.

Who is Behind Passive Income Planner Girl?

Michelle Rohr and Aimee Johanan

Two young women named Michelle Rohr and Aimee Johanan realized there was a scope for innovation in the digital marketing space.

They tapped into their strength and capabilities and built successful online shops on Etsy. They used the platform to establish themselves as successful businesswomen in the online world.

Both Michelle and Aimee have found success in running their business on e-commerce Etsy stores by selling planners.

After tasting success and seeing several others struggle, they decided to empower other women who wanted to carve a niche for themselves in this space. This idea gave birth to Passive Income Planner Girl.

What are digital planners?

A digital planner is a PDF designed to look like a realistic planner giving all of the joy of paper planning without all the paper.
It’s mostly used on tablets that work with a stylus, such as the iPad with an Apple Pencil.
The customer uses their digital planner on a PDF annotation app such as Goodnotes or Noteshelf.
Different parts of the planner are hyperlinked (such as the tabs) in order to create a flip-through experience.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to sell printables on Etsy AND specifically digital planners.

Passive Income Planner Girl Pricing

One-time payment – $397.00

If you have already bought a Passive Income with Printables course authored by Michelle Rohr, you do not have to pay for Passive Income Planner Girl as the latter is the new version. No refund is offered on the course by Michelle & Aimee.

My Personal Experience

I found the Passive Income Planner Girl course to be extremely useful. It is a course that gives one good value for the amount that one invests in buying it.

It helped me create my own planner and also set up my shop on Etsy. I understood it was important for me to create value for the customer so that they keep coming back to me.

I did not know how to look for platforms that can ensure good visibility for your product. The course taught me how to use Pinterest to generate eyeballs for the product I create.

I also learned how to create an e-mail list to reach out to a large potential customer base. The course provided me with information on creating a short-term course and building a community of my own.

My Conclusion

This course is for you if you want to design and sell your own planners, printables, workbooks, digital planners and/or digital notebooks. In other words, digital products that your clients can download instantly.


Passive Income Planner Girl Bonuses


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Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet – this is something we are working on this year!

For Milestone 1: No software is needed.

For Milestone 2: Creating Your Zone of Genius Planner – you’ll need either Apple Keynote (which is typically free for Mac computers) or Affinity Publisher (which is a one time cost for Mac or PC computers).

For Milestone 3: Launching Your Shop on Etsy – you’ll need to open a store on Etsy, which is free. When selling on Etsy, you pay a listing fee of 20 cents to list your planner and then you’ll only have to pay transaction and payment processing fees when you actually sell a planner through Etsy.
For Milestone 4: Marketing on Pinterest – you’ll need to create a Pinterest account if you haven’t already – which is free.
For Milestone 5: Open the Door to More Money with Your Customer Hub – we recommend using an online course platform for this stage of the process. There a couple of platforms (Thinkific, Membervault) that let you get started for free. Our favorite platform to recommend is Teachery, which is what we use, but you don’t need to start there. You can start with whatever online course platform you prefer. At minimum, you can always use a password protected page on your website, which is free.
For Milestone 6: Create Your Quick and Dirty Mini Course – See Milestone 5 above.
Milestone 7 – Stepping into Abundance with Affiliates – you’ll need to have access to a platform that allows for affiliate relationships. If you’re already using an online course platform, most of these types of platforms already have affiliate capabilities built in. 
Milestone 8 – Holding Space for Your Super Fans – you don’t need any particular software or platform for this step. This module is more about the mindset and emotional energy around holding space for your community. If you would like to use a software for this purpose, we have a few recommendations, but the possibilities are endless and it’s entirely up to you.


This is our signature course for women who want to turn their zone of genius into a planner and then use their planner as the first step of their value ladder. 
We teach how to build out your customer journey and create 1000 true fans, which is the path to a 6 figure business. 
  • 9 Video workshops covering the MINDSET that sets you up to succeed in each milestone of your journey to a business primed for 6 figure revenue. 
  • Step by step video tutorials on how to design your zone of genius planner. 
  • Over 140 stunning Canva templates for listing your planner on Etsy and pinning it on Pinterest. 
It’s for women who want to go all in on their zone of genius and intuition when it comes to making money with planners. 
It’s for women who are tired of hiding behind their products and are ready to show up in the fullness of who they are so that entrepreneurship can finally feel like the self-discovery adventure that it really is. 
The women illustrations in this course were hand drawn by Aimee herself! 
  • Affinity Publisher for Mac or PC 
  • Apple Keynote for Mac

No, we focus on creating what we call your “Zone of Genius” planner from scratch so that you create something 100% unique to you. However, the course does come with Canva templates for pinning your planner on Pinterest and listing it on Etsy.

No, the Canva Template Kit has templates designed specifically for printable planners and the Canva templates in Passive Income Planner Girl (for Etsy listing images and Pinterest pins) are specifically for digital planners inside of iPad mock ups.

Here at the Secret O.W.L. Society, we have a no refund policy. 

We’re not trying to get as many people in the door with a “money back guarantee”. That is not how we choose to build trust with our students. We build trust by actually delivering on what we say on our sales pages.
We encourage our customers to take the time to read the sales page and message us if they have any questions. We are always here to help if you need any assistance before and after your purchase.
Check in with your intuition. Does the decision to purchase feel exciting and expansive? Are you ready to make a commitment and have fun exploring your creativity? Do you feel desire or do you feel desperation?
If you have doubts or desperation around whether or not you should purchase, you can always decide that now may not be the right time for you to make the commitment.
We care about the success of every one of our students. We also care about the value of respecting each other’s time.
If you do decide that you’re ready to go all in now, we are thrilled for you and can’t wait to welcome you into the Secret O.W.L. Society.

You have lifetime access to the course.

No. We don’t prioritize niching down. We focus on turning UP the magic on being the fullest expression of who we really are. We believe that when we do that, then we don’t have to worry about identifying a niche because we will ATTRACT our true fans to the truth of who we really are instead of contorting ourselves to “fit a niche”.

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Passive Income Planner Girl