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Roadmap To My First Sale

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Roadmap To My First Sale Review

Unlock The Roadmap To Your First Sale With This

 Helps new businesses make their first sale and put a system in place for consistent sales.

Roadmap To My First Sale is designed to help business owners of all backgrounds and skill levels hit their first sale and build a successful and sustainable business.

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What Exactly Is Roadmap To My First Sale?

Roadmap To My First Sale Review

Have you ever created a product that you knew people wanted, yet you still struggled to sell it? Perhaps you’ve sold a few, but you can’t seem to keep the sales coming in. Can you relate?

If you’ve done your homework already, you know other people are selling it with great success, good on you! You’ve already won half the battle. Now, you need a plan of action to follow that will bring in leads and sales consistently.

You need the Roadmap To Your First Sale workbook by Thrive Anywhere.

With this, you’ll create a system to:

– Put yourself in front of the right prospects.
– Win sales with free yet powerful methods both now and in the future.
– Reach and sell to people in markets where there is less competition from direct competitors.
– And more!

Don’t be fooled by the name. I highly recommend this workbook if you’re looking to make your first sale, but the strategies it contains can help anyone struggling to make consistent sales.


What's Inside This Workbook?

  • Set Your Sales Goals
  • Email Your List
  • Email #2 – Your Product’s Benefits
  • Email #3 – The Story
  • Emails #4 – Last Chance
  • Groups & Communities
  • Be The Friendly Face
  • Engage With The Community
  • Leverage Your Network
  • Establish An Affiliate Program
  • Set Up Your Affiliate Program
  • Finding Affiliates
  • Recruit Affiliates
  • Bloggers & Podcasters
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Exchanges
  • Host An Event
  • Run A Contest
  • Document Your Progress
  • Publicly
  • Launch On AppSumo
  • List In Directories
  • Guest Teach
  • Lookbooks & Shopping Guides
  • Use HARO
  • Leverage Webinars

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Roadmap To My First Sale

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